Transatlantic Reflections on Bourdieu’s Legacy

On the Occasion of Bourdieu’s Impérialismes (2023)
And Dictionnaire International Bourdieu (2020)

June 15, 2023, starting at 14h00

Location : NYU Paris, 57 bd Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris.
Ground Floor Auditorium
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Bourdieu’s legacy continues to stimulate a rich transatlantic dialogue. On the occasion of the publication of the Dictionnaire international Bourdieu (CNRS Editions 2020) and of the new collection of Bourdieu’s writings on international phenomena, Impérialismes. Circulation internationale des idées et luttes pour l’universel (Raisons d’agir 2023), this workshop examines Bourdieu’s relevance to current research conducted in the United States in the humanities and social sciences.


Transatlantic Reflections on Bourdieu s Legacy NYU Paris June 15

- 14h00 : Introduction

Gisèle Sapiro, Emily Apter, Stefanos Geroulanos (via Zoom), and Frédéric Viguier

- 15h00 : The Bourdieu Effect in US-based Critical Humanities

Moderated by Emily Apter

Hannah Freed-Thall, Associate Professor of French Literature, Thought & Culture, NYU
“Distinction and Disgust”

Jack McMartin, Assistant Professor of Translation Studies and English, KU Leuven
“Sociological Biography : Bourdieu and Translation”

Michael Lucey, Professor of French and Comparative Literature, UC Berkeley
“Texte et contexte : deux traductions de la même phrase.”

Comments by Lucile Dumont, Johan Heilbron, and Gisèle Sapiro

- 16h30 : Pause

- 17h00 : Thinking with Pierre Bourdieu. Transatlantic Perspectives on French Society

Moderated by Frédéric Viguier

Sean Bold, MA Student, French Studies, NYU : “Transfuges de classe”
Tony Haouam, Ph.D Student, French & French Studies, NYU : “Humour”
Nicolas Juneau, MA Student, French Studies, NYU : “Museums”
Lauren Kirk, Ph.D Student, History & French Studies, NYU : “Hygiénistes”
Sierra Knoch, MA Student, French Studies, NYU : “Haute couture”
Mariana Trabanino, MA Student, French Studies : “Pedagogy”

Comments by François Denord, Franck Poupeau, and Hélène Seiler

- 19h00 : Cocktail reception

This event is co-organized by NYU’s Department of French Literature, Thought and Culture, NYU’s Institute of French Studies, NYU’s Remarque Institute, and the CESSP (Centre européen de sociologie et de science politique, CNRS), with the support of NYU-Paris, CNRS Éditions, and the Provost’s Global Research Initiative.